Friday, December 8, 2006

Last day at work

It's finally last day of work. I've dreamt of this day, off and on, since my first day of work. Now that it's finally here, I do feel like it's come too soon. This is mostly just because I don't want to leave my friends behind, not because I'll miss teaching Bank class.

Tonight is graduation, and it's odd to think it's my last one. I usually go, even though we're not required to attend unless we teach nights. I like the dancing and frolicking, and even the part where Kyle puts on the sad music to make all the kids cry. Tonight, I'm sure that I'll be the one crying.

I've avoided packing anything in my room, although I did force myself to do laundry last night to get it out of the way. Tonight I'm having a tiny bit of a going-away thing--some dancing at "Polly's Kettle" after we find out the results of Kane's singing competition. It should be pretty low key, which is what I prefer. I hate the idea of trying to wrangle 50 people to the same place at the same time. Too stressful.

Anyway, I might post once more on here before I leave. Maybe put on some pictures from the going away festivities, if they're not too raucous. :-)

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