Thursday, December 7, 2006

Creative Day

Today, my work day consists of absolutely nothing practical. My morning was filled with Theatre class, and my afternoon is chock-a-block with Art. After being stuck in Bank class and the Post Office, I am trying to relish every moment. What's more, the students in Theatre today could actually read their scripts. An absolute lucky break for me. One class got into it so much that they all ended up in costume. The father wearing a crown, the mother in a witch's hat, the sailor in full pirate regalia.

I've actually been in a persistently happy mood these last couple days, bouncing around singing showtunes and Christmas songs. It's a little maddening to those around me, I'm sure. :-) But I just can't seem to get that pep out of my step... Even Bank class can't break me.

***Editor's note: OK, here it is, the end of my day, and I am not quite as bouncy as previously mentioned. I just had a group of kids that, while they did not break me, well...I almost broke them. Or, more specifically, almost broke some furniture over their heads. And P.S., Art class is a BITCH to clean up.

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