Sunday, July 16, 2006

Skinny Bitch

I feel like I have been here for can it be that I only arrived about 2 1/2 weeks ago?? I think this village exists in a time warp...maybe I'll leave here and find out I've been inside for 20 years and everyone has forgotten about me. Of course, the upside will be keeping my stunning beauty while the rest of you will have shriveled up like toes in a long bath. It is a burden I am willing to bear.

Anyway, interesting title this week. It originates from a little girl who came to the village wearing a t-shirt that said "Skinny Bitch" on it in huge letters. She was maybe 10 years old, and of course, had NO clue as to the meaning of the words. I saw her walking in the cafeteria on the first day, so I stopped her and said, "Great shirt!" But she had no idea what I was talking about. Imagine my delight when she showed up in my class the next day wearing the same shirt. She was shy, but when we got to the game portion of the class, she was eagerly waving her hand at a chance to play. So, I would point at her and say, "Skinny Bitch, you're up!" And she had no clue. HOWEVER, the Korean teacher who was assisting me, Jenny, started laughing so hard that the girl realized something was going on. Still, no real clue. Later, she raised her hand again, and I said, "OK Skinny Bitch, what's the answer?" And Jenny lost it again. The girl asked Jenny in Korean what we were both laughing at, so Jenny told her. Damn! Once the girl knew, she started smiling and covering her shirt up. It didn't stop her from wearing the same shirt again the next day, but oh well. Daniel had her in class, but he just called her S.B.

I had a request to go into more detail about my schedule so that people will know when I might be online for chatting, etc. OK, here goes: first of all, my class schedule changes from week to week. What I can better tell you is that I know whether I will be working days or nights for two weeks at a time. So, for example, I will be working nights the next two weeks. This means that I get to work as early as 1:30 and leave by 9. I have potentially 4 classes in the afternoon (if there isn't a full village of kids, I might only teach 3 of those class periods, for example, so if I have free time, I might be online). Then dinner from 5:15 to 6:50, during which time I might be online. Spelling Bee from 7 to 8:45. Afterwards, we pretty much have to leave the building, so I wouldn't be online at night. Since I don't have to work before lunch, I might come in during the late morning or lunch time, if someone wants to schedule a time to chat. So, that's my schedule for the next two weeks. When it changes again, I'll update you.

Anyway, time for class. Working weekends is sweet...hardly any classes, unlike weekdays. Nice. :-)

Take care everybody!

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