Monday, July 21, 2003

First day of class

Hello all!

I just wanted to drop you guys a line real quick to let you know how my first day of class went. I don't have very long right now, because I'm going to be meeting Phil about the apartment at 8, but I wanted to tell you that it looks like it's going to be fun, but a LOT of hard work. My classmates are all really great. Mostly British, two other Americans, 1 Scot, an Aussie, an older Czech man. It turns out that our group got split into two sections, and of course, I'm not with any of the three people I met on Saturday night. The one bonus is that the head of the entire course will be our instructor, and he is also the one who will be supervising me during the first two weeks of teaching practice. So, I've got the best teacher, and I guess that's what matters. :-)

I almost couldn't find the goddamned school today. I arrived at the correct metro stop at 8, and class started at 8:30. So, there should have been plenty of time. Unless, of course, the map you're using sucks, and you got about 2 hours of sleep. I walked in the wrong direction TWICE and I didn't get to the fucking class until 8:45! But, they were very understanding. There is no air conditioning in the school (there is none anywhere in this whole city, it seems!), so we all spent the day sweltering in the heat. It was awful. The apartment guy will probably take one look at me tonight and say, "Forget it!" I look like I've been run over by a bus, not to mention that I've got blisters from walking around this morning, so I'm limping like I've had a stroke. Not the best first impression, really. :-)

Anyway, if I get a chance tonight, I'll let you know about the flat. Wish me luck!!!

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