Monday, September 12, 2005

Close, but no moose

Hello everybody!

Well, I just had a bit of an update on goings-on up here, so I thought I would send a short email out. First of all, today I was asked what my preferred last day would be, and I said the 24th. So, as of right now, that seems to be a go, although it could change at the last minute. I was very happy to find out that I could leave that early. Here's hoping that it comes through!

Anyway, this week on my day off I went to Rocky Mountain National Park with Kim from Housekeeping. When Lisa the bartender and Tanja went, they saw tons of wildlife, i.e. elk, moose, coyotes, big-horned sheep, etc... She couldn't rave enough about the place for wildlife and scenic views. So, I admit I went there with some high expectations. Tragically, and expectedly (with my luck), I saw a grand total of 3 elk, 1 marmot, and a handful of squinnies. That's it. :-( However, the views were still spectacular, and I'm enclosing some pictures that I took. It was a lovely drive up over Trail Ridge Road, which I believe is the highest paved road in the country, or some such statistic. We were up above the tree line, and when Lisa went they were actually above some of the clouds. No such luck for us (natch), but it was still a beautiful drive. We had lunch and did some shopping in Estes Park, and then headed home. It was a pretty good day.

Anyway, my day is almost up here, but I just wanted to give you all the update. I hope everyone is doing well, and maybe I'll see you sooner than I thought!!

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