Wednesday, August 6, 2003

More good news!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick email to let you know that I had another grammar lesson to teach today, and it went VERY well! Whew! I was really sweating it, let me tell you, but thankfully I pulled it off with aplomb and panache and all that. :-) I think the music really helped.

A bit of explanation.... Our school has an audio system in every classroom (only tapes, no CDs), and our main teacher, Shaun, always puts on a tape with random music while we're working in groups on something, or reading to ourselves as part of the lesson. Basically, whenever he's not in front of the class talking to us or giving directions, he has a tape playing to sort of provide background music. And he has encouraged us all to make a tape of our own to play when we're doing lessons. It truly does make for a better and more relaxed atmosphere in class, so I really wanted to do it. So, I bought a couple tapes at the big supermarket, and had the school librarian make me a copy of one of my CDs. I was able to play it for the first time today, and I made a point of putting in on during the 10 minute break before my lesson (I went last out of 3 today). Playing my own music, something I could sing along to, really helped me relax and get in the right frame of mind for the lesson. Last lesson I did I think I must have passed by the skin of my teeth because I was so nervous and sweating buckets. This time I was calm, cool, and composed, and the lesson went exactly according to my lesson plan, and exactly how I had envisioned it in my mind. Something that's probably a rarity in the real world, but it was nice to have happen today when I needed it most!

So, anyway, I got very positive feedback from Betty today. (no more Betty the Bitch, I guess) And, most importantly, I felt that I really connected with the class, built up some rapport, and that I truly taught them something (how to use "used to", to be specific). All good things. :-) So, now I feel much more positive about things. And, this is great timing because tomorrow is our last tutorial with our teachers so that they can tell us whether or not they think we'll pass the course. Unless I totally screw up on my last couple written assignments, or last two lessons, I think I'll pass. I'll be done by the end of next week, and whether I pass or not, I will be DONE!! That's what's keeping me going right now!

OK, I really need to get going. Homework beckons, as ever. :-) Take care everyone, and I'll talk to you soon!!

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